As you walk into Wok 'N' South, the first thing you will feel is the warmth of the giant grill visible from the outside through the windows in the front corner of the restaurant.

You'll then be greeted with a smile from our dedicated and friendly staff!

We have multiple options for seating which you can choose from. You can be seated within view of the great Wok in our main Mongolian Room. Open for summer at our Thousand Oaks location is our patio, where we have several tables under the sun!

Once you're seated, we'll take your beverage order and you'll be deciding what you're hungry for at our Mongolian cuisine.

After selecting our Mongolian BBQ buffet, we'll be bringing you a tasty vegetable soup with eggrolls and wontons topped with sweet & sour sauce to get you started.

Shortly, we'll drop off a bowl for each member of your party, and you're ready to go!

As you approach the buffet, your first stop is the selection of meats! We have slivers of delicately sliced lamb, beef, pork and chicken!

The next step is to select from your wide variety of vegetables and extras! We have brocolli, mushrooms, onions, green onions, cabbage, carrots, celery, pinepple, green peppers, bean sprouts and soft noodles!

After that you'll move on to our variety of flavors. We have BBQ sauce, sweet sauce, hot spicy sauce with peppers, curry sauce, garlic water and BBQ oil.

You'll then place your highly stacked bowl on the counter in front of our talented chef, who will empty the contents upon the mighty grill! Watch him as he cooks your food, circling the great griddle and skillfully rotating your combination with vegetables, extras, meats and flavors. You'll see the steam of your creation rise in a whirlwind and the smell will make your taste buds sing and your mouth water! The chef will cook until the stir fry is completed, and gently move the cooked meal onto a plate with a serving of rice.

Before you return to your table, don't forget to thank the cook and offer a tip as you top off your completed meal with sesame seeds!

And as you return to your table, you'll find all the additional seasonings from salt, pepper, soy sauce and oriental style hot sauce!

Get your drinks refilled, take one last deep breath and smell your food, and then dive in for your warrior's feast!

If you have joined us for our dinner buffet, its all you can eat, some get back in line for more!

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